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Roberts Radio

Roberts Radio

Roberts Radio Limited is the UK brand leader in the portable radio market and is sold around the world with the iconic Revival radio is instantly recognizable as part of the Roberts family and with a reputation built on producing high quality premium brand radios for the consumer market and with our spares and accessories such as replacement aerials and adaptors you can keep that much loved radio alive.
All our Roberts Radio spares and accessories are genuine Roberts spare parts directly from Roberts and allowing you to replace simple items without have to buy a new radio.
You will also find extra pictures and information on most aerial to help you replace them.
If you are finding it hard to find the right Roberts Radio aerial or adaptor for your radio give us a call on 01903 776644 with your model number normally found on the back of the radio or behind the battery cover.
With our Roberts Radio spare parts and accessories mostly in stock you wont be without your radio for long.