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35mm Curved Metal End with Air Flow Relief [35158]

From £3.99 - Free over £50

Curved Metal End has a built-in swivel cuff for 360° rotation of the hose to avoid kinking and the cutting off of the air supply. Where less air-flow is needed, for instance in cleaning drapes or furniture, the curved wand's air relief valve can be adjusted to provide precisely the right amount of vacuum.

Pipe / tools fitting is 32mm.which is measured on the inside of the metal pipe that is attached to this wand.

Hose size is 35mm which will measure approx. 34mm on the inside and 43mm on the outside diameter.

Miele - This Metal handle will fit directly onto the Miele hose as a low cost solution.
You will need to cut the old handle off and screw this onto the hose. You will then need a neck adaptor (34421) to change the small end from 32mm to 35mm.
All the Miele push on tools will fit. Please note the telescopic tube will not latch onto this Metal End.