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Dull Nickel BC lampholder with 10mm Entry 4312635

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BC Dull Nickel lampholder with 10mm Entry 4312635

This BC lampholder has a dull nickel effect creating a great look for any metal work light fitting.
Has a 10mm entry meaning any of our 10mm fixings will fit directly onto this lampholder.
You can place a cord grip into the back of this and use it as a pendant light fitting.

Lamp Type: BC | B22 | Bayonet Cap
Height: 44.6mm
Diameter: 32mm
Max Shade Hole Size: 30mm
Min Shade Hole Size: 26.5mm
Entry Thread: 10mm

Please Note: The lampholder comes with a light film on that marks when you touch the lampholder, simply wipe this off with a cloth to reveal a much better dull effect.

This Lamp holder must be wired with a 3-core flex that provides the correct earth connection.