Black Slide Action Foot Dimmer 60-300w [RT81 PLU76075]

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The RT81 300w Dimmer is a neat slide action dimmer that will take a flex in from the plu and out to the lamp. It has a slide action from 0% to 100% of output operated with your foot. Easy to wire and can be used with 2 or 3 core flex. Can only be used on incandescant lamps (normal bulds) or Haloden up to a maximum of 300w.

This unit does not have an indicator light for location in the dark.

Size is 110mm long and 70mm and 36mm high including the slider.

This dimmer does require a minimum load of a 60w lamp which means that you cant use any bulds less than 60w.

Mains dimmer to be connected to 240v mains and will only dim 240v mains lamps.

RT81 300w
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