Ceramic Base Lamp Kit 14 with Chrome Un-Switched Lampholder [KIT14C]

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Flex Cable Colour PVC

Ceramic Base Lamp Kit 14 with Chrome Un-Switched Lampholder

A Lamp Kit to turn a Ceramic Vase or base into a Light with a Chrome Lampholder and a switch on the Black flex.

Lamp Kit 14 provides a kit of parts including a Chrome un-switched lampholder, a spacer to raise the Lampholder 38mm, all the fixings and a Black 3 core flex with a moulded switch and plug. You can use this Lamp Kit 14 if you can get in the base of the vase and there is a hole in the side for the flex.

The idea is that you need to be able to hold in place a nut inside the vase and tighten a top nut up to hold the hollow rod in place. Adding the spacer and then the lampholder to the top and the flex through the side and into the Lampholder this Lamp Kit 14 turns a ceramic base into a nice looking light.

Ceramic vase is not included in the kit.

Download the pdf instruction sheet here for the Lamp Kit 12 which is the same as the Lamp Kit 14 but with a different lampholder and flex.


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