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Cork Bung For Lampholder Vase Fixing 100mm [PLU47792]

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Cork Bung For Lampholder Vase Fixing 100mm [PLU47792]

Product Description

A cork stopper complete with a 10mm fixing kit to fix into a vase that is an odd shape or one that you cant get a bung off the shelf to fit.

Here we have pre drilled a 10mm hole in the centre and supply an Allthread rod, nuts and washers and also a cord grip. So all you need to add is the lampholder and a nut cover etc to finish you lamp.

This cord bung is ideal as you can shape the cork carefully to fit the vase and once you have it to fit a small amount of clear silicon to hold it in place, of course after its been wired.

Cork size is 100mm diameter top, 90mm diameter bottom and 35mm thick.