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Wiring of an ES Lampholder

Wiring of an ES Lampholder

Wiring of a ES or E27 Screw lampholder

There are a few things to remember when wiring ES or E27 lampholder and here we will try to give you some help. Screw type lampholder normally come in 3 parts, the cap or bottom part, the centre part or connection for the wires and the skirt or top part. There will be several different styles but the principle will always be the same.


With all screw type lampholder its important to connect the live wire (Brown) to the centre pin of the lampholder. The best way to do this is to find the centre pin, follow the metal back to the point it connects to the screw terminal on the other side. This is the Live terminal.

If you have a metal lampholder there will also be an earth connection with will be the sprung piece that touches the side of the lampholder skirt and this must have the Green/Yellow wire connected in all cases.The Neutral terminal or Blue wire will then connect to the other screw connection which bakes connection to the side of the light bulb.

Please also note that all screw lampholders have a barb method or latch to lock the skirt in place. Please see this document for more information on this.

Below is an example of wiring to a E27 Brass lampholder in one of our kits. This shows a ES lampholder fitted to a jar lid with the connection part wired and a cord grip on the left.

Strip about 10mm and twist the wire so it makes a more solid wire. Then fold this in half before inserting into the terminal.
Repeat this for each colour to make a good connection.

Ceramic wiring of insert used in the Metal E27 Lampholders only


Download the instructions on the locking barb here.