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Lamp Kit 19 with Chrome Lampholder For Wooden Base KIT19

Lamp Kit 19
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Lamp Kit 19 with Chrome Lampholder For Wooden Base

Lamp Kit 19 is a great kit in one giving you a Chrome Lampholder with a switch. The lampholder is raise 38mm of the wooden base by a spacer. This kit is fitted by setting the supplied allthread into the wood, adding the spacer and then the lampholder. When setting the allthread in the top of the wooden base remember to allow for the space and then 5-6mm for the lampholder.

If needed a good way to stop the lampholder from working loose is a spot of super glue, but only a spot in case you need to remove it later on the thread.

Comes complete with a 2.5m flex (Black as standard) with moulded plug. However you can select a different colour flex from the drop down list.

The kit contains:-

1x Chrome BC safety switch lampholder

1x 3 core flex with moulded plug

1x 100mm Allthread rod

1x Chrome nut cover (may or may not be used)

1x 38mm Chrome spacer

1x Cord grip and grommet