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Panasonic Genuine Upright Vacuum Bags U20E

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Panasonic Genuine Upright Vacuum Bags U20E

Product Description

Panasonic Upright Vacuum Bags U20E
Box of 5 vacuum bags.
Panasonic is a well know and popular mid ranged vacuum cleaner and great value for money. The Panasonic Vacuum Bags also offer that great value for money and being boxed in 5 gives even more savings. There are both cylinder and upright vacuums in the Panasonic range and here we are showing the Panasonic Vacuum Bags for the upright vacuum which fits a large range of their machines. This bag is known as the U20E bag and is the most popular of the Panasonic Vacuum Bags. These are strong paper bags that should be replaced when full and not reused. These bags fit some of the popular Panasonic uprights like the MCE3001 and the new MCUG302 to name but a few.

Fits The Following Machines

MCE3001, MCE3002
MCE41, MCE41N, MCE42, MCE42N, MCE43, MCE43N, MCE44, MCE45, MCE46, MCE47
MCE450, MCE451, MCE452, MCE453, MCE455, MCE456, MCE457, MCE458, MCE459, MCE460, MCE461, MCE463, MCE465, MCE467, MCE468, MCE469, MCUG302
MCE53, MCE54, MCE55
MCE553, MCE554, MCE555, MCE560, MCE560K, MCE561, MCE561K, MCE562, MCE562K, MCE563, MCE564, MCE566, MCE567, MCE568, MCE569, MCE581, MCE582 MCE583