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Red Braided Flexible 16mm Conduit 3574029

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Red Braided Flexible 16mm Conduit 3574029

  • Sold Per Meter

This braided flexible conduit is perfect for running around walls and ceilings to create a surface feature.
You can then simply use a basic PVC cable to run through the conduit when wiring.

Perfect for making a stunning pendant drop.

The conduit has 2 metal wires inside to help keep its position when bending and shaping.
Please checkout our conduit end caps that have a 10mm hole in allowing you to install a lampholder to connect the conduit into a ceiling rose.

The conduit is ribbed on the inside and not smooth but this does not hinder cable installation. 

Please Note: No lampholder, connectors cables or cord grips are included, this is for a per meter braided conduit.

Outer Diameter: 18mm
Internal Diameter: 8mm
Length: Per Meter