VAX Upright Filter Kit (Type 90) 1-1-134227-00

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Genuine VAX Filter Kit Type 90 1-1-134227-00

  • 1 x pre-motor filter
  • 1 x Anti-bacterial HEPA post-motor filter.

Pre-motor Spec:
Outer colour: Orange
Washable: Yes
Diameter (inc lip):133mm
Diameter(Exc lip): 128mm
Height: 25mm

Post-Motor Spec:
Outer Color: Grey
Washable: No
Diameter (Inc lip): 123mm
Diameter (Exc lip): 117mm
Height: 30mm

Type 90

Changing the filter in a vacuum cleaner helps to keep it in a good working order.

VAX machines are designed to work best with genuine VAX consumables as well as keeping any warranty valid on the machine.

HEPA: High Efficiency Particulate Air has a very fine mesh inside the filter this helps traps harmful particles such as

  •     Pollen
  •     Pet Dander
  •     Dust Mites
  •     Tobacco Smoke

Using a HEPA filter can remove most airborne particles that could make allergies worse.

Fits The Following Machines

  • U84-AL-Pe
  • U84-AL-Pe
  • U84-AL-Pme
  • U84-AL-Pme
  • U84-AL-Ue
  • U84-AL-Ue
  • U90-MA-Re
  • U89-MA-Te
  • U91-MA-Be
  • U89-MA-PFe
  • U87-MA-Pe
  • U89-MA-Le
  • U88-MA-Se
  • U85-AS-Be
  • U85-AS-Ppe
  • U85-AS-Pe
  • U85-AS-Ce
  • U85-AS-Pme
  • U85-AS-Te
  • U85-AS-Ue
  • VRS116
  • VRS115


1 Review

28th Apr 2017

Spot on

Excellent customer service and very helpfull as i didnt know if this fitted my machine. Fast delivery within 2days. Thanks

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