Wooden Base Lamp Kit 15 with Brass Un-Switched Lampholder [KIT15B]

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Wooden Base Lamp Kit 15 with Brass Un-Switched Lampholder

A Lamp Kit to turn a Wooden base into a Light with a Brass Lampholder and a switch on the Gold flex.

Lamp Kit 15 provides a kit of parts including a Brass un-switched lampholder, all the fixings and a Gold 3 core flex with a moulded switch and plug. You can use this Lamp Kit 15 if you there is a flat top to the wooden base with a minimum diameter of 25mm.

The lampholder is fixed to a spacer that stands the lampholder up 38mm from the wood. The spacer is then screwed to a back plate that has 3 fixings holes to screw it to the wood. Screws are not included. If you leave the spacer out the lampholder can be screwed directly to the back plate. The flex will need to come out the bottom of this Lamp Kit 15 where a cord grip can be fitted accros the flex.

The flex is 2.5m long with approx 800mm from the switch to the un wired end.

Wooden base is not included in the kit.

Lamp Kit 15 instructions can be downloaded here.

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