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Ball Mason pint Jar Light Kit With Lampholder 2746698-7

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Ball Mason Pint Jam Jar Light Kit Complete With Lampholder - make a great ceiling or table light using the Ball Mason pint Jar

The Ball Mason pint Jar Light Kit With Lampholder is a great affordable way to make a light in a Jam Jar. This is a Ball pint Jam Jar that comes complete with a ES or E27 Nickel Plated lampholder and Nickel Cord Grip, not plastic type. We have fixed the cap of the lampholder onto the lid which is complete with 4 ventilation holes. 

All you need to do is add your own flex which you can get from our shop or maybe you may have your own. You do need to make the connection to the Nickel Lampholder but we can help with that.

With this kit you can make a hanging ceiling light or even a great looking table light but you do need to do a bit of wiring on this kit just to finish it off.

The recommended lamp is a 25w Golf Ball or even better a LED. Please note the opening of the jar is only 58mm and a height from bottom of jar to lampholder is 65mm which will not take a standard GLS type lamp. Golf Ball type is ideal for this jar.

Jar height is 132mm excluding the cord grip and about 75mm diameter. 

When fitting a flex, make sure you use a 3 core as this kit needs an earth wire.

Please note - this is just the jar and lampholder, flex can be ordered separately here.