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Fridge Spares

Is there anything more annoying than when a fridge decides to malfunction? This essential accessory is a hub of the home with a key responsibility to offer a safe place to store food and drinks. We know that it’s far from ideal when a fridge error occurs, so we offer an extensive collection of spares to keep any downtime to a minimum. 

Whether you experience a loose door hinge, a cracked shelf or a lighting blowout, we offer the spare parts for any requirements. Furthermore, each item has also been chosen by our team of experts as a solution that will not only amend an issue but remain durable for plenty of time to come. 

Our range includes fridge filters, lamps, shelves, and thermostats. Each item is also supported by a detailed specification to remove the guesswork from finding the part you have been hunting for. Shop our reliable collection of fridge spares to ensure your food-storage essentials are not out of action for long.