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Push Fit Water Pipe Fittings

W4 range of water pipe and fittings for your Caravan or Motorhome is a great way to replace any worn Caravan water fitting or extending what’s there now. If you want to add another tap or extend a water pipe, then here we have all you need in the 12mm range. We also carry the 12mm Blue and Red water pipe, sold in a reel of 25m or by the metre. There are also adaptors to convert 15mm to 12mm pipe system, so you can add 15mm copper pipe into your system.
We also carry the 8mm and 10mm fittings that are popular, along with W4 water shut of valves and bulkhead fittings.
When it comes to running new water pipe and installing fittings, make sure that you cut the pipe square with a cutter like the W4 31295 and use tube supports as well where you can.
With plenty of Red and Blue 12mm pipe for your caravan or Motorhome in stock all the time, you should be able to find all the parts you need.
We are also finding that the 10mm Blue and 8mm Blue hose is very popular too, but these are being used for a wide range of other applications supplying water.