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12 volt Electrical

W4 12-volt Electrical leads and fittings.

W4 is well known for their high-quality products and their 12v leads and adaptors are amongst the best. They are the UK’s leading brand in Caravan, Camping, Motorhome accessories and have been for 40 years.

W4 Adapt-it range.

There are 5 in the range of the Adapt-it allows connections from a large range of Caravan and Motorhome Sockets to a cigar socket allowing all the appliances and products you need when camping to be connected to the 12v.

General 12 volt plugs and socket.

If you need to make up your own leads, then why not check out the range of Caravan 2 pin plugs and sockets like the Clipsil plug W4 37589. This Clipsil plug is widely used in Motorhomes as well as Caravans. Cigar plugs and sockets along with the W4 00061 extension lead which is 5m long. Don’t forget a secure battery is a safe battery, so make sure you have retaining brackets like the W4 37882 which come in a pack of 2.