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Vacuums & Floorcare

Keep your floors dirt-free at all times with our collection of floorcare spare parts. 

Busy lives mean lots of busy feet pacing around both homes and commercial spaces, which results in undesirable floor conditions. If left uncleaned, this can cause the condition of flooring to seriously deteriorate, resulting in a costly issue to fix. Our collection of vacuum and floor care spare parts guarantees that your cleaning tool of choice is always up for the job. 

Whether you enjoy cleaning or find it a complete chore, with accessories working to their optimal performance levels, results can be improved for everyone. Our collection includes spares for some of the best brand names, including Dyson, Shark and Vax, as we have made it our mission to provide solutions for all needs. Simply search by our categories and use the intelligent filter options to find the missing part of the puzzle that is your cleaning routine. At Spares2You, we guarantee that every replacement part is available to keep your spaces clean and tools working efficiently.