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Brought a new Karcher Control Head and now my Machine won’t turn off!

This guide is specific for the Karcher K3 | K4 control head 9.002-010.0 product.

If you have purchased the control head, fitted it, and now you find the leak has stopped, but the machine will not turn off!

Located on your control box (electric box) there will be a tab like item where the valve from the solution nozzle pushes into (The part circled red).

This tab on the control box (electric box) will need to be removed to allow the valve to enter the control box.

Please note, you must install the black spacer and white grommet that is supplied with the kit. (Parts circled in Blue)

The reason behind this is, the control head you have purchased is the new conversion kit, so it will fit many Karcher machines and not a few specific ones.

Below is an image to help understand the piece that needs removing, and where to install the black spacer and white grommet.