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Ceramic Base Lamp Kit 17 with White Un-Switched Lampholder [KIT17]

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Ceramic Base Lamp Kit 17 with White Un-Switched Lampholder

A Lamp Kit to turn a Ceramic Vase or base into a Light with a White Lampholder and a switch on the White flex.

Lamp Kit 17 provides a kit of parts including a White un-switched lampholder, all the fixings and a White 2 core flex with a moulded switch and plug. You can use this Lamp Kit 17 if you can get in the base of the vase and there is a hole in the side for the flex. The top hole needs to be 10mm up to a max of 15mm.

The idea is that you need to be able to hold in place a nut inside the vase and tighten a top up to hold the hollow rod in place. The top nut is covered by a Brass nut cover. Adding the lampholder to the top and the flex through the side and into the Lampholder this Lamp Kit 17 turns a ceramic base into a nice looking light and a low price. Please ensure the wires are not twisted when assembly of the lamp holder is added to the base.


Please note – the mains lead will be supplied with either a moulded plug or a rewirable type, both meet all BS1363 standards.


Ceramic vase is not included in the kit.

Kit 17 instructions - click here