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ES Lampholder with 3 arm sprung fixing clip [2671734]

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ES Lampholder with 3 arm sprung fixing clip [2671734]

Product Description

Black Edison Screw (E27) lampholder with a 3 arm spring is ideal for using were you cannot fix the lampholder with screws.
This will fit in a hole size approximately 45mm - 80mm

Comes pre made with a cord core cable with switch and plug molded on.
Has a cord grip in the base of the lampholder to ensure there is not pull stress on the connections inside the lampholder.

Cable length: 2.5m (excl lampholder)
Cable: 2core
Lampholder type: Edison Screw, ES, E27
Lampholder style: Black plastic
Lampholder outer diameter: 39mm
Lampholder height (excl cord grip): 62mm
Lampholder height (Inc cord grip): 82mm
Spring arm length: 48mm Approx
Spring arm width: 14mm