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How to install the Numatic Vacuum Hose End

This guide is to show you how to install the Compatible Numatic Vacuum Hose End for 32mm hoses.

First you will need to remove all of the original hose end pieces so you are left with a bare hose.

Step 1: - Cut the hose

It is recommended in cutting the hose so you have a nice clean end, this can be done with a sharp knife (please be careful)



Step 2: - Slide the collar on

Once you have a nice clean end you will take the collar piece and slide it onto the hose, taking note of the orientation of the end piece.


Step 3: - Thread connector on

Take the threaded insert and thread it on, you may want to use a blob of glue to ensure this part does not untwist over time.


Step 4: - Finish off

Once the glue has set slide the end piece over the threaded section this will click into position.


This has now finished the install of the Compatible Numatic Vacuum Hose End for 32mm