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Karcher Hose Pipe Control valve Connector 2.645-198.0

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Karcher Hose Pipe Control valve Connector 2.645-198.0

This karcher garden hose pipe control valve connecter is perfect for regulating the output power of the water.
A great example of this is with a garden sprinkler rather than control the pressure from the outdoor tap you can simple add this inline of the hose to easily and quickly adjust the pressure as and when you need it.
Also very popular with irrigation systems where maybe you only want a trickle of water.

Will fit and standard hose pipe connector on any standard hose.

Has a male fitting one end and a female the other end.
Includes a coupler to convert the female end to a male end if required.

You can even turn the water off using this device and the minimum setting is closed.

Note: Sprinkler or hose and connectors are not included, this is just for the control regulator in the first image.