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Karcher Pressure Washer Water Filter 4.730-059.0

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Karcher Pressure Washer Water Filter 4.730-059.0

This pressure washer water filter is ideal if you are using an open source as your water supply such as lakes, streams or even a water butt.
Preventing any debris and dirt particles from entering your pressure washer.
Simply remove the existing hose pipe connector from the pressure washer and connect it to the clear end of the filter.
Take the filter and screw the black end onto the thread of the pressure washer.
Finally take your hose pipe and connect the end onto the hope pipe fitting.

Clear construction meaning you can see when the filter needs cleaning.
Easy to remove filter.

Fits all Karcher pressure washers from K2-K7

Max Bar: 12
Max Temp 60°
Length: 120mm