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40W Max Wattage Sticker Single 5012022

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40W Max Wattage Sticker Single 5012022

These stickers are fully approved and are required to be stuck onto a lampholder if you are selling your lamps, it tells the end user the MAX wattage light bulb they can use in your light fitting.
This will go hand in hand with your usage instructions of your light fitting once built for the end user.

We can get any design made in this style of lighting label please do get in touch if you need something more bespoke however there may be a minimum order qty required depending how bespoke you go.

Please Note: As these are thermal printed you may see blemishes in the print on the sticker and the text may not be smooth, this does not affect the sticker at all just a visual point.
Please do contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Sticker Width: 30mm
Sticker Height: 10mm
Qty: 1