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75mm Bronze Spacer with Male & Female 10mm Threads [3104817]

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75mm Bronze Spacer with Male & Female 10mm Threads [3104817]

Product Description

75mm Bronze Spacer With Male & Female 10mm Threads

If you have a male thread on your lamp base and need to raise a lampholder up.
Use this Bronze 75mm Spacer which has a male 10mm thread one end and a 10mm female thread the other.
The Bronze Spacer has a clearance hole all the way through for the cable.

Spacer Height: 75mm
Total Height: 80mm
Outer Diameter: 12.7mm
Internal Hole Size Female End: 9mm
Internal Hole Size Male End: 7mm 
Male & Female Thread Diameter: 10mm
Male & Female Thread Pitch: 1mm
Male thread height: 5mm