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Adjustable Luggage Elastic 1m W4 00091

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Adjustable Luggage Elastic 1m W4 00091

Introducing the W4 Adjustable Luggage Elastic (1m) – a versatile and reliable solution for securing your belongings during travel. This 1-metre length of high-quality elastic is equipped with one standard fixed hook and one self-locking hook, providing you with a fully adjustable and customisable strapping solution. Crafted to conform to British Standard AU258:1995, this adjustable luggage elastic ensures durability, safety, and peace of mind for all your travel needs. With a user-friendly design, this adjustable luggage elastic is easy to use and allows you to secure your belongings quickly and efficiently, making it an essential travel companion.

The W4 Adjustable Luggage Elastic provides a generous 1-metre length, offering flexibility to secure a variety of items during travel. From luggage and bags to outdoor equipment, this adjustable elastic accommodates your specific needs. Featuring one standard fixed hook and one self-locking hook, this luggage elastic provides a secure and customisable strapping solution. The combination of hooks ensures a reliable fastening mechanism, allowing you to adapt the strap to different items and scenarios.  Whether bundling smaller items together or securing larger luggage, this elastic strap offers the adaptability required for various travel situations.

Crafted with quality and safety in mind, this adjustable luggage elastic conforms to British Standard AU258:1995. This adherence to industry standards ensures that the elastic meets rigorous quality benchmarks, providing you with a reliable and compliant travel accessory.

Upgrade your travel experience with the W4 Adjustable Luggage Elastic (1m) – where versatility meets reliability. Secure your belongings with confidence using this adjustable and compliant luggage strap, designed to meet your unique travel requirements.

  • Length: 1 Metre
  • Diameter: 8mm
  • Conforms to British Standard AU258:1995