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BC | B22 | Bayonet Cap Antique Brass Un-Switched Lampholder 10mm Entry with Stem Lock 4502052

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Antique Brass BC Un-Switched Lampholder with Stem Lock 

The Antique Brass BC Un-Switched Lampholder with Stem Lock is the flawless replacement for a sentimental table lamp or a light fitting of your own design. Seamlessly screwing onto a 10mm cord grip or male thread to create a stunning pendant light fitting. 

What is a locking screw lampholder?
The locking screw lampholder is designed to lock onto the thread on the lamp base, removing the need to superglue or thread lock, this prevents the lampholder from becoming loose over time.
To use the locking screw, simply separate the lampholder into its 2 main parts, look down into the cap and you will see a screw head.
Loosen this off slightly then screw the cap onto the lamp base thread, once on tighten the locking screw to lock it into position.

Comes in 4 parts comprising of the cap which comes complete with the Earth tag on the side and is the section that screws onto the fixing of the light fitting (or cord grip for a pendant lamp) the centre connection unit where you will connect the live (Brown) and neutral (Blue) then the top section which will screw over the connection unit and onto the cap. Not to forget the locking ring (Thicker Ring) that holds the cap and skirt together and the shade ring the clamp the shade (Thinner Ring). 

The manufacturer of Antique Brass BC Un-Switched Lampholder with Stem Lock is S. Lilley & Son Limited which is a family business, based in Birmingham and is one of the UKs leading manufacturers of specialised lighting components. They were founded in 1840, so we know we are in good hands and the quality of their products really speak for themselves. All of their components are BS EN ISO 9001 registered, and the company is LIA (Lighting Industry Association) approved. 

Due to this beautiful lampholder being metal it will require a 3 Core cable to Earth the lampholder.

  • Lamp Cap: BC | B22 | Bayonet Cap
  • Height: 48.5mm
  • Diameter: 32mm
  • Thread: 10mm
  • Min Shade Hole Size: 26mm
  • Max Shade Hole Size: 32mm
  • Max Wattage: 60w
  • Material: Brass
  • Finish: Antique Brass