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Wooden E27 lampholder 11cm height [3144637]

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Bark E27 lampholder 11cm height [3144637]

Product Description

Wooden E27 lampholder 11cm height

This wooden E27 lampholder is a stunning piece of kit and is made from a single log of wood.
The amazing thing about these is that they are all unique and not mass manufactured so each one will be different in their own way.
This product includes a plastic lampholder and cord grip so all you need to do is add the cable.

Please Note:
No cable or lamps included with this product.
All Measurements are either average or approx. as this is made from real tree logs they are all different.

Height: 11mm Approx
Width: Average 73mm (This varies depending on the log used at the time)
Cable entry hole: 17.4mm