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Black Floor Foot Dimmer 5218361

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Black Floor Foot Dimmer 

Not to be use on 12v lamps

This Black Floor Foot Dimmer is perfect for dimming all types of lamps, including LED, Halogen and incandescent lamps.

Has a built in jumper (Link) which will change the minimum dimming from 30% to 20% this will be needed if you find when dimming LED lamp(s) they start to flicker. This is because the LED lamp(s) cannot handle being dimmed down to that level so changing the jumper (link) to increase that minimum level may help.

The dimmer will dim down to 0% but will not physically switch of via a switch.
The dimming at the lower end of the scale will vary depending on the make of light bulb used.

Has a built in cord grip to prevent the cables from being pulled out and a serviceable fuse just in case a light bulb blows it may take this fuse out, but it is easily repairable.
Please check the spec to ensure this dimmer will work for you if not please do get in touch.

  • Height inc Dimmer Slider: 37mm
  • Width: 71mm
  • Length: 116mm
  • Environmental Operating Temperature: 0-35°C
Power Input at 220-240V -
  • Halogen: 40-250W
  • LED: 4-100W
Power Input at 100-127V -
  • Halogen: 10-150W
  • LED: 4-100W
Voltage Output at 0 to 240v