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Gold Inline LED Dimmer 4629557

£3.49 Royal Mail Tracked 48 | £4.99 Royal Mail Tracked 24
Gold Inline LED Dimmer 4629557

Gold Inline LED Dimmer 4629557

Ideal for dimming LED, CFL, Incandescent and Halogen lamps.

This dimmer is for 2 core cables only and is perfect for inline control of table lamps.
There is a serviceable fuse inside the dimmer, In some cases if the light bulb blows it may break the fuse. 
This dimmer has a built in led to help you find the control in the dark.
The dimmer has a memory setting built in, click the button to turn on to the last used setting. 
Press and hold to ramp up, let go to stop then on the next press it will start to ramp down. 

Input voltage: 220-240v 
Output Voltage: 220-240v
Type of load: LED, CFL, Incandescent and Halogen lamps
Power Range:
LED: 4-25w
CFL: 11-25w
Incandescent & Halogen: 4-150w
Dimmability: Push control
Max Cable size: 2x 0.75mm
Dimension: 97mm x 30.5mm x 28.2mm
Min Dim: 20%

Please note the type of load and the power range. this dimmer will not dim down to 0%

Power range means the total wattage of output on the dimmer so for this item you cannot put a light bulb in that is less than 4w and no higher than 150w 

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