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Bosch Lawnmower Metal Blade BQ360

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Bosch Lawnmower Metal Blade BQ360

High quality metal blade for select models of Bosch lawnmower.

The perfect replacement part if the blade on your current lawnmower is damaged or has become blunt/dull.

A dull blade will pull the grass rather than cut it, making your lawn look patchy over time. In addition, as the grass is being torn out, it causes the ends of the grass to fray and lose water which slowly causes the tips of the grass to become dehydrated and turn yellow.

However, with this replacement blade there's no need to worry about a patchy or irregular cut as your lawnmower will back to its best in no time.

Length: 37cm

Will fit the following models:

Rotak 36R
Rotak 37-14 Ergo
Rotak 37R
EasyRotak 36-550