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Brass BC Candle Type Lampholder 10mm Entry [PLU49388]

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Brass BC Candle Type Lampholder 10mm Entry [PLU49388]
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Product Description

A BC Candle Type Lampholder with an earth terminal used where a shade is not to be fitted. The Brass BC Candle Lampholder is mainly used on a chandelier style light where a candle drip is then added.

This lampholder has the earth terminal but there is one that does not as the terminal may get in the way if not needed. See also PLU64929

The lampholder has a 10mm fixing in the base to attach to a 10mm thread.

The height is 42mm and a diameter of 25mm. You can use the 27mm diameter drips.

As this is a metal lampholder, ensure you use a 3 core mains flex to provide an earth connection to this lampholder.