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BC | B22 Lampholder With Side Entry KIT32

£15.99 - £19.99
Kit 32
From £3.99 - Free over £50

BC | B22 Lampholder With Side Entry KIT32

This BC Lampholder with Side Entry comes complete with a mains lead.

This kit allows you to have the flex in the side of the spacer just under the lampholder rather than having the lead go through the vase or bottle.

Kit includes:- A lampholder, Side entry spacer and mains lead.

This kit does not come with any bottle or vase fixing which you will need to add when buying this kit.

If you are fitting this to a bottle or vase have a look at the range or rubber bungs.

Just measure the diameter, add to your cart the right size and this kit.

You can simple add the bung to the bottle or vase then add this kit 32 to the top.

You can use any 10mm fixing method with this kit. So you may want to use a back plate or nipple if the base is wood.

You can even use a pottery nipple in a vase but I would suggest using the Brass nipple. This kit will fit onto a 10mm male thread.

Please note – This kit does not come with the main fixing part, this will need to be purchased. Does not include the bung shown in the image of the bottle. The copper lampholder is from a different manufacturer and has a different style from the other lampholder colours.