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Copper BC Angled Batten Lampholder 5638037

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Copper BC Angled Batten Lampholder 5638037

This BC lampholder is perfect for fixing on a wall where an angled light is require. The lampholder is not adjustable.

Please Note: There is not a lot of room in the base of this lampholder for connections, you may need to make a hole in the wall or do the connection in a different location. 
Please seek an professional advice if unsure. 

Lamp Style: BC | B22 | Bayonet Cap
Height (When Installed): 69mm 
Lampholder Diameter: 28mm 
Plate Diameter: 47.5mm
Distance Between Fixing Holes: 40mm 
Can Install Shade: Yes
Material: Brass
Finish: Copper Plated

This lampholder must be wired with a 3 core flex that provides the correct earth connection.