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Copper Braided Round Cable 3 Core 2166364

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Copper Braided Round Cable 3 Core 2166364

This Copper Braided Round Cable 3 Core 2166364 is one of our many high quality braided flex cables, perfect for decorative lamps and installations. The braided flex cable is a standard PVC round cable braided on the outer. With over 100 different colours and designs to choose from, simply visit our braided flex cables category and pick the one that suits your style best.

We recommend in consulting a qualified electrician regarding earthing arrangements for the copper outer braid.
We cannot give guidance on this matter.

Sold Per Metre - Simply change the quantity (above the 'add to basket' button) to the length of cable you wish to purchase and we will supply 1 continuous length based on the number ordered. For example if you select a quantity of 3, you will receive one 3m length of cable.

Max 50 metres in one continuous length

Please Note: 
Please ensure that when terminating this cable there is no copper braiding touching any live parts.
We strongly recommend in earthing the copper braid to prevent any accidents happening.
As this is raw copper you may find that it will tarnish or go black depending on the environment that's its installed in.

  • Cable Style: Round
  • Cable Cores: 3 Core
  • Cable CSA: 0.75mm²
  • Diameter: 6.2mm
  • Double Insulation
  • BS EN 50525-2
Note: This cable will NOT fit through our 10mm allthread.