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Cork Bung Perfect For Vase Fixing 5022269

£5.99 - £10.19
From £3.99 - Free over £50
A cork stopper complete with a 10mm fixing kit to fix into a vase that is an odd shape or one that you can't get a bung off the shelf to fit.

Select either use to drill and assemble the kit or select if you want to do this task.
This cord bung is ideal as you can shape the cork carefully to fit the vase and once you have it to fit a small amount of clear silicone to hold it in place, of course after its been wired.

The threaded rod is hollow allowing a cable with a diameter no larger than 6.5mm to push through, if the cable is larger then you can strip the outer jacket back to allow the cable to go through the rod.

  • If you select No on the assembly option then you will get a bung with not hole in the middle and all the nuts and washer separately in a bag.
  • If you select Yes on the assembly option then you will get a bung with a hole and the threaded rod, nuts and washers installed ready to go.
Cork Height: 30mm
Cork Diameter: Depending on selection
Assembled Height: 61mm
Thread: 10mm