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Dyson V7-11 Series Quick Release ‘2-in-1' Combination Tool

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Dyson V7-11 Series Quick Release ‘2-in-1' Combination Tool

Elevate your cleaning experience with the Dyson V7-11 Series Quick Release '2-in-1' Combination Tool. This innovative attachment is engineered to provide unmatched versatility and convenience, ensuring that no cleaning task is too challenging. Compatible with Dyson's quick-release system, this combination tool is your key to achieving spotless floors, upholstery, and more with ease.

Key Features:

  • Two-in-One Versatility: This combination tool is a versatile addition to your cleaning arsenal. It features two cleaning modes in one attachment: a soft dusting brush for delicate surfaces and a crevice tool for tight spaces and hard-to-reach areas. Switch between modes effortlessly for comprehensive cleaning.
  • Quick Release Compatibility: Designed to seamlessly attach to the Dyson V7, V8, V10 and V11 Series vacuum cleaners featuring the quick-release system, this tool allows for easy and hassle-free swapping with other Dyson accessories. Transform your vacuum into a versatile cleaning machine in seconds.
  • Efficient Dusting: The soft dusting brush gently sweeps away dust and allergens from delicate surfaces, ensuring a thorough and gentle clean on items like lampshades, blinds, and electronics.
  • Precise Crevice Cleaning: Flip the tool to access the crevice tool mode, which is perfect for reaching into narrow gaps, corners, and edges. Say goodbye to dirt and debris hiding in tight spaces.
  • Enhanced Manoeuvrability: The slim design and lightweight construction of this combination tool allow you to navigate around furniture, upholstery, and other obstacles with ease. 
  • Durable Build: Crafted with durability in mind, this tool is built to withstand rigorous cleaning sessions. Its robust construction ensures it can handle the demands of everyday use.

Elevate your cleaning prowess with the Dyson V7-11 Series Quick Release '2-in-1' Combination Tool. Say goodbye to the clutter of multiple attachments and hello to a streamlined cleaning routine. With this versatile tool, you can confidently tackle various cleaning tasks, from delicate surfaces to tight corners.

Order your Quick Release '2-in-1' Combination Tool now and experience the convenience of versatile cleaning at your fingertips.

Please Note: This is a compatible (non-genuine) part to fit select models of Dyson Vacuum Cleaner, offering a high quality, cost-effective alternative to the factory original.

Compatible with the following Dyson Cordless Vacuums:
  • V7
  • V8
  • V10
  • V11