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E27 Silicone Lampholder Kit Yellow [3149983]

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E27 Silicone Lampholder Kit Yellow [3149983]

Product Description

E27 Silicone Lampholder Kit Yellow

This E27 silicone lampholder kit yellow is perfect for creating a bit of colour into your light fitting.
With these cool looking lampholder you can really make a funky looking light fitting fit for any room.

Kit contains the following items:

  • Yellow Silicone E27 Lamp holder cover
  • E27 Plastic lamp holder
  • Plastic cord grip

Please note: No cable is supplied with this product.
As this product has a plastic cap there is no terminal for an earth cable.
Our twisted rope cable will not fit through this product.

Height: 97mm
Diameter: 43mm
Temperature Ratings for silicone cover: -40° to +230°
Temperature Rating for Lamp holder: 190°