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ES Plain Brass Lampholder with 1/2" Fixing PLU87357

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The ES Plain Brass Lampholder with 1/2" Fixing has a locking screw in the inside of the cap to stop the lampholder from turning when removing the lamp. As it is a plain lampholder you can’t add a shade to this lam holder.

Has a 1/2" thread in the cap to fit to a 1/2" male thread on the lamp base.

Diameter is 38mm and the height is 58mm

Will require a 3 core flex as this lampholder must be earthed.

As this is a metal lampholder, ensure you use a 3 core mains flex to provide an earth connection to this lampholder.

Please Note: This 1/2" lampholder will NOT fit the 1/2" BSP gas pipe, BSP gas pipe is alot larger in diameter and is a totally different thread style.