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Genuine Bosch Pump Filter 00647920

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Genuine Bosch Pump Filter 00647920

Replacement drain pump fluff filter for select Bosch washing machines. For the disposal of fluff build-up in washing machine, designed to catch fluff or lint effectively.

Length: 75mm
Diameter: 63mm

Suitable for the following Bosch machines:

WAE12060SG04, WAE12060SG11, WAE16442OE02, WAE16444OE29, WAE18060SG04, WAE20060EE13, WAE20060UC18, WAE2006TEE14, WAE20160EP15, WAE20160GR03, WAE20160PL05, WAE20161FF, WAE20164PL25, WAE20164ZA13, WAE20165EP01, WAE20165ME47, WAE201S3ZA34, WAE201S3ZA54, WAE20360FF21, WAE20360FF28, WAE20360PL02, WAE20360SG01, WAE20361BY02, WAE20363OE01, WAE20363OE14, WAE20363OE28, WAE20363PL25, WAE20363PL28, WAE20364PL47, WAE20366BY28, WAE20366BY43, WAE2036EPL01, WAE2036EPL23, WAE2036KPL02, WAE2036SBY01, WAE2036SBY18, WAE20460CH01, WAE20463PL14, WAE20464PL21, WAE2046WEP35, WAE2047KPL23, WAE2047SOE35, WAE2414005, WAE2414009, WAE2414302, WAE24160DN09, WAE24160FG11, WAE24161DN06, WAE24161DN07, WAE24162FG49, WAE24162FG56, WAE24162SN25, WAE24164SN36, WAE24165FF47, WAE24165FF56, WAE24170EX04, WAE2419009, WAE24190NL03, WAE24190NL09, WAE24190NL11, WAE24190NL15, WAE2419126, WAE2419130, WAE241A0NL02, WAE241A0NL06, WAE241A0NL09, WAE241K0NL01, WAE241K0NL11, WAE24270AU01, WAE24360SG19