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Hob Brite Cleaner for Electric, Ceramic, Halogen & Induction Hobs

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Hob Brite Cleaner for Electric, Ceramic, Halogen & Induction Hobs

Introducing the Genuine Original Hob Brite Cleaner, your go-to solution for maintaining the pristine condition of your kitchen hob. With its proven track record as the UK's No.1 hob cleaner, this product is your key to achieving a sparkling clean and bacteria-free hob effortlessly.

Hob Brite Cleaner boasts a potent antibacterial formula, specially formulated to cater to a wide range of hob types, including electric, ceramic, halogen, and induction hobs. This versatility ensures that no matter the hob you have, this cleaner has got you covered.

The hob cleaner eliminates an impressive 99.9% of bacteria, providing not just a clean surface but also a hygienic one. Stubborn burnt-on food residue and unsightly stains that often accumulate on hobs will be no match for the cleaning power of Hob Brite. You'll be left with a hob that not only looks brand new but is also free from harmful germs.

As an added bonus, regular use of Hob Brite cleaner can create an invisible protective film on your hob's surface. This film acts as a barrier against future stains, making maintenance even easier in the long run. Imagine the convenience of a hob that stays cleaner for longer, requiring less frequent cleaning and saving you precious time.

The 300ml bottle of Hob Brite Cleaner ensures that you have plenty of cleaning power at your fingertips, allowing you to tackle multiple cleaning sessions without the worry of running out. This generous quantity ensures that you can keep your hob looking its best for an extended period, making Hob Brite a cost-effective and practical choice for homeowners.

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  • 300ml Bottle
  • Made in the UK
  • For use on Electric, Ceramic, Halogen and Induction Hobs