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Henry Hoover Bags

When you hear the brand Numatic vacuums, we are sure your mind quickly pictures the much-loved Henry Hoover model. This reliable cleaning device is known for its high-strength suction and trusty design. The large drum means plenty of dirt and dust can be collected in the Hoover bags before a change is needed. To ensure that the process of swapping out your Hoover bag is simple, we stock a selection of genuine Numatic Henry solutions and universal products. 

Henry Hoover bags are easy to fit with a simple push motion into the interior nozzle, securing them into position. Each includes a self-seal tab, which means there is no mess inside the vacuum or when disposed of after use. They are also created with performance in mind, featuring filter solutions that optimise cleaning whilst maximising the life of the vacuum itself. 

Shop our collection of Henry Hoover bags now to ensure you always have a spare in the cupboard when a changeover is required.