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Compatible Lawnmower Blade Spacers FL182

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Compatible Lawnmower Blade Spacers FL182

Pack of 2 blade spacers to fit select models of Flymo, MacAllister, McGregor, Qualcast and Spear & Jackson lawnmowers.

A blade spacer is used to adjust the height of the blade within a lawnmower. To raise the blade height, simply remove a spacer and to lower the blade you’ll want to add a spacer. These two spacers can be interchanged – meaning that you can use the spacers regardless of the side it sits, due to the two pegs on either side.

Please Note: This is a compatible (non-genuine) product, offering the same quality and function for a fraction of the price. 

Will fit the following models:

E25, E30, E38, E47, E52, E250, E300, E400, XE30, XE38, XE47, XE250, XE300, XE400, Easibag, Glider 330, Glider 350, Glidemaster 340, Glidemaster 360, Glidemaster 380,  Hover Compact 300,  Hover Compact 330, Hover Compact 350, Hoverstripe RXE250, Hoverstripe RXE300, Hovervac 3000, Hovervac 4000, L300, Micro Compact 300 Plus, Minimo (9633045), Minimo  Plus XE, Sprinter  E25, Sprinter E30, Sprinter E38, Sprinter E250, Sprinter E300, Sprinter E400, Sprintmaster XE25, Sprintmaster XE30, Sprintmaster XE38, Sprintmaster XE250, Turbo Compact  300, Turbo Compact  330, Turbo Compact 350, Turbo Compact 380, Turbo Compact Vision 330, Turbo Compact Vision 350, Turbo Compact Vision 380, Turbolite 330, Turbolite 350, Turbolite 400, Vision Compact 330,  Vision Compact 350, Vision Compact 380, Vision Compact 350 Plus

MHLM1450 (2014)

MEH1430A, MEH1533A/M, MEH1735A

MEH33, MEH1533, MEH1633, MEH1733/R, MEH1836

Spear & Jackson
MEH1735AE, S1733EH, S1836EH