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Numatic 38mm ProFlo 400mm Dry Brush Nozzle 602381

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Numatic 38mm ProFlo 400mm Dry Brush Nozzle 602381

The Numatic 38mm ProFlo 400mm Dry Brush Nozzle 602381 stands as a key accessory for your cleaning arsenal, designed to enhance the efficiency and versatility of your Numatic vacuum. Crafted with precision and engineered to fit seamlessly, this nozzle excels in dry cleaning tasks across a range of surfaces. Its 400mm width ensures wider coverage, expediting the cleaning process.

Over time, however, wear and tear can take a toll on the performance of the Dry Brush Nozzle. Consequently, it's essential to replace it when signs of deterioration become evident. A worn or damaged nozzle can lead to reduced suction power, compromising the vacuum's ability to effectively lift debris and dirt. This not only hampers cleaning efficiency but also extends the time required for tasks.

Additionally, a worn nozzle might scratch or damage delicate surfaces due to compromised bristles. This could be particularly concerning for hardwood floors or polished surfaces. Replacing the worn nozzle is a proactive measure to prevent potential damage to your valuable flooring and surfaces.

By investing in the Numatic 38mm ProFlo 400mm Dry Brush Nozzle 602381 replacement, you ensure that your vacuum continues to perform optimally. The new nozzle restores peak cleaning power, allowing you to maintain a clean and well-maintained environment. Timely replacement not only preserves your vacuum's efficacy but also safeguards your surfaces from potential harm, ultimately contributing to efficient and safe cleaning operations

Fits The Following Machines:
  • NDA 570
  • NDS 900
  • WV 570
  • WVD 570
  • WV 900
  • WVD 900
  • NTD 750
  • NTT 2003
  • NTD 2003
  • MV 570
  • MV 900
  • HAS 750
  • CV 900
  • CV 570