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Premium Numatic Tritex Henry Filter

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Premium Numatic Tritex Henry Filter

Tritex Filter for 305mm Machines

Does not fit the Hetty 160

This Product is not washable

This is a copy pattern part and not a genuine Numatic filter but made to fit the same.

Replacing your Henry vacuum cleaner's filter with a Premium Numatic Tritex Henry Filter from Spares2You offers several advantages:

1. Improved Filtration: The Premium Numatic Tritex Henry Filter is designed to provide superior filtration performance. It effectively captures fine dust particles, allergens, and other airborne contaminants, ensuring cleaner air in your home.

2. Enhanced Suction: A clean, high-quality filter helps maintain optimal suction power in your Henry vacuum cleaner. This means it can efficiently pick up dirt and debris from your floors, carpets, and upholstery.

3. Extended Vacuum Lifespan: Regularly replacing the filter can prolong the life of your Henry vacuum cleaner. A clogged or dirty filter can put additional strain on the vacuum's motor, potentially leading to premature wear and tear.

4. Healthier Environment: By using a premium filter, you can create a healthier living environment. It helps reduce allergens and particulate matter in the air, making your home more suitable for allergy sufferers and improving overall air quality.

5. Compatibility: The Premium Numatic Tritex Henry Filter from Spares2You is designed to fit Henry vacuum cleaners, ensuring a hassle-free replacement process.

In summary, replacing your Henry filter with a premium option like the Tritex filter from Spares2You is a wise choice. It not only improves your vacuum cleaner's performance but also contributes to a cleaner and healthier living space. Regular filter replacement is a key maintenance task for vacuum cleaners to ensure they continue to operate efficiently and effectively.

Fits the following machines:

Note: Press Crtl + F on Windows or CMD + F on Mac then search for your model to see if its in the list below.





"Henry Micro"

"Henry Plus"

"Henry Turbo"

"Henry Extra"






"HZ 200"

"HZ 250"

"HZ 370"

"HZ 570"

"HZ 900"






"WV 370"

"WV 380"

"WV 470"