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Premium Vax Type 27 Filter kit FIL498

£3.49 Royal Mail Tracked 48 | £4.99 Royal Mail Tracked 24
Premium Vax Type 27 Filter kit FIL498
Premium Vax Type 27 Filter kit FIL498

A set of premium spare filters for your Mach Air bagless upright vacuum cleaner. HEPA filters trap very small dust particles, so they are better for homes with allergy sufferers. 

  • 1 x pre-motor filter
  • 1 x Antibacterial HEPA post-motor filter.

Type 27

Changing the filter in a vacuum cleaner helps to keep it in a good working order.

HEPA: High Efficiency Particulate Air has a very fine mesh inside the filter this helps traps harmful particles such as

  •     Pollen
  •     Pet Dander
  •     Dust Mites
  •     Tobacco Smoke

Using a HEPA filter can remove most airborne particles that could make allergies worse.

Fits The Following Machines

  • U91-MA-B
  • U91-MA-P
  • U90-MA-R
  • U89-MA-T
  • U89-MA-PF
  • U89-MA-L
  • U88-MA-S
  • U87-MA-P
Please Note: This is a compatible filter kit not a genuine vax filter kit.

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