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Rubber Bung 22-24mm With 10mm Allthread [PLU73951]

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Rubber Bung 22-24mm With 10mm Allthread [PLU73951]

Product Description

Rubber Bung 22-24mm With 10mm Allthread.
We have constructed  a special 22-24mm Rubber Bung that allows the use of a flex up to 6.8mm in diameter. 
There is room on the bottom for a female cord grip to be added but it will spin when the bung is tightened up.

The bung is tightened by using a spanner on the top steel nut until a snug fit. A Nut cover can then be used to cover this nut. The bung can be fitted even when there is a flex in place.

Fits a bottle: 22-24mm
Inside diameter max: is 6.8mm
Height: 35mm

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