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Sebo Hose X Machines 5040sb 5040gy

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Sebo Hose X Machines 5040sb 5040gy

The Sebo Vacuum Hose is a part that from time to time will need replacing as it gets used a lot.

It allows for the use of the small tools when vacuuming in those hard to get areas.

Most of the Sebo Vacuum Hose are a corrugated style of hose and the 5040 hose expands allow you to get into the corners etc.

The Sebo Vacuum Hose 5040 is fitted to the X series machines like the X1.1 and the X4 and X5 upright vacuum cleaners.

This well build Grey hose will push into the top of the upright vacuum cleaner and these fits into the solid extension tube.

The Sebo Vacuum Hose can be removed from the extension tube if required and tools like the crevice and stair tool can be added directly to the hose.

If you Sebo Vacuum Hose should split then you will lose suction and performance from the vacuum cleaner and in that case the hose will need to be replaced.

It is very common to get something caught in this hose if you suck up something like a paper clip as it wedges in the groves and then everything gets caught.

The Sebo Vacuum Hose is easy to replace so don’t hesitate to replace it if it is needed.

Fits a large range of the Sebo X Series Upright Vacuum Cleaners, see the Fit list below.

This part is now only being made in silver and not Grey.

Check compatible with to see what machines fit this part.

Fits the following machines:

Note: Press Crtl + F on Windows or CMD + F on Mac then search for your model to see if its in the list below.







X4 Extra

X5 Extra