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Universal 10m Grey Cable & 13A Plug Assembly (2-Core x 0.75mm)

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Universal 10m Grey Cable & 13A Plug Assembly (2-Core x 0.75mm)

Introducing the Universal 10m Grey Cable & 13A Plug Assembly – the versatile power solution designed to enhance the performance of your vacuum cleaner. Engineered with precision and durability in mind, this assembly offers a seamless integration into a variety of vacuum models, ensuring a reliable and efficient power source for your cleaning endeavours.

Extended 10-Metre Length:
Experience unparalleled flexibility and convenience with a generous 10-metre cable length. This assembly provides an extensive reach, allowing you to manoeuvre your vacuum cleaner effortlessly through large spaces without the constant need to switch power outlets.

2-Core x 0.75mm:
Featuring a 2-core configuration with 0.75mm diameter wires, this assembly is optimised for efficient power delivery to your vacuum cleaner. The sturdy construction ensures longevity, making it a dependable accessory for your regular cleaning routine. Equipped with a secure 13A plug, this assembly guarantees a robust and stable connection to power sources. The plug's design prioritises both user convenience and a secure fit, facilitating a quick and reliable setup every time you power up your vacuum cleaner.

Sleek and Functional Grey Design:
Enhance the visual appeal of your vacuum cleaner setup with the sleek and neutral grey colour of this cable assembly. Its unobtrusive design complements any vacuum model, adding a touch of sophistication to your cleaning equipment.

Safety and Reliability:
Prioritizing safety, the Universal 10m Grey Cable & 13A Plug Assembly undergoes thorough testing to meet stringent quality standards. Trust in its reliability to provide a safe and consistent power supply for your vacuum cleaner.

Effortless Cleaning Experience:
Upgrade your vacuuming routine with the Universal 10m Grey Cable & 13A Plug Assembly. Enjoy the freedom of movement and a hassle-free setup, allowing you to focus on achieving optimal cleanliness in your home or workspace.

Universal Vacuum Cable, including all models of Dyson DC01