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Vase clamping set 200mm [2809096]

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Vase clamping set 200mm-1

Product Description

Vase clamping set 200mm wide is ideal for adding a support onto a vase with a large opening.
Once inserted into the vase the arms will open and hold on the inside walls of the vase.
Comes complete with a 200mm long allthread rod and a side entry cable fitting on the top.

Please note - You will need to add the vase top onto this kit and also which ever lampholder you then need.

Method of use.

Do a check to make sure the armed fitting is right for your vase.
Hold the allthread rod with the are fitting at the bottom.
Insert the fitting into your vase and ensure the arms will open and grasp the side of the vase when slowly pulling the allthread upwards.
The arms should now grip onto the inside wall.
Remove the fitting by lowering it into the vase and if needed carefully turn the vase upside down, remover the complete fitting.
Remove the allthread from the fitting and add your vase top so it sits under the side entry Brass fitting on the top.
Ensure this vase top fits and looks ok on top of your vase.
Fit the arm fitting to the bottom of the allthread and place inside the vase. Place the fitting carefully into the vase and pull the Brass top fitting up to ensure the arms have opened.
Tighten up the Brass fitting which will screw the allthread down into the arms and therefore tighten the complete fitting in place.